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Custom Youth Ministry Journals

Do you want custom journals for a youth ministry event or as custom merchandise?

Youth Ministry Assistant is available to create journals that are customized to your needs. Whether it's for church camp, a youth conference, a retreat, or even as a welcome gift, you can choose the following features:

  • Size - 5x8in, 6x9in, 8.5x11in, or other custom size
  • Color and Style Preferences for Cover Design
  • Type of Cover (Print Journals Only) - Saddle Stitch, Coil Bound, Matte Paperback, Glossy Paperback, and Hardcover Laminate
  • No Content (Blanks Only) or Low Content (Includes Guided Writing Prompts)
  • Length of Journal (Days of Your Event and/or the Approximate Page Count)
  • PDF File Only or Print Journal Production

The price will largely be based on the content format and the journal format you choose. Bethel will do her best to give you an estimate before you place your order so you know what to expect.

If you have any questions or concerns about ordering journals, please send an email to

No Content vs Low Content Journals

No content books only contain blanks for writing and possibly dividers or inspirational quotes (like Scripture). It's completely up to the user to decide what to write. This is ideal for a journal you plan to use as merchandise to promote your ministry. These journals can be produced much faster and therefore will be more cost-effective.

In addition to blanks and dividers, low content books also contain guided writing prompts to help the user know what they should write about. This can be especially effective for youth ministry events if you use these prompts to support the theme or teaching of the event. You can either write the prompts yourself or ask Bethel to write for you. These type of journals will require a long production time and will cost more than blank journals.

PDF File vs Print Book Journals

PDF journals are much simpler, time-efficient, and cost-effective to produce. However, it will require you to print every copy of the journal that you need yourself, as well as purchase folders to keep the whole journal together.

Print journals are what most youth ministries want. However, they are the most expensive option and will require you to not only pay production costs, but also printing and shipping (using one of my print-on-demand distributors). They will also take the longest to produce (up to a month, depending the size of the project).

Apply for Your Custom Journal

If you want to order custom journals, fill out this Google Form